Project Phoenix
Its goal is to send a probe with a camera attached up into the stratosphere in order to record the blackness of space from its edge together with our blue planet!

At one time or another, everyone has dreamed of being an astronaut or has at least thought about how beautiful it must feel to float weightless and observe the earth from outside. Most of us however, believe that space agencies have exclusive access to that part of the sky where airplanes cannot fly. The fact is that even those of us who are not astronauts or millionaires can, with a bit of effort, at least touch space. If you are interested how, visit the official website of Phoenix.
Just imagine your flash memory how it travels from state to state, from men to another men and everyone can upload and download just as he or she wants. In flashsurfing the flash memory is becoming a modern message in bottle and as well as with bottle nobody know where the sea streams take it, nobody also know how many people will get in touch with our flash memory.

We have sent two flash memories in the world - one to Copenhagen (Denmark) and second to Jerusalem (Israel/Palestine). Its following journey is up to receivers in these cities. The only rule is that the route must be directed in way that both flash memories will run around the world and get back to us just after they fulfil their mission. The purpose of this experiment is to mobilize people in different countries around the world to share and create the content of the special flash memory to prove the cooperational spirit of all good people. You can visit special website of the project.

No:mad Tea House
The main idea of this project is to create a tea house made ​​of recycled material, specifically paper tubes. For all structures will be used only these paper tubes with a suitable choice of connection. For maximum use of the house we will try to design a structure that allows to dismantle and place the house anywhere, not only in nature. In essence we talk about a mobile nomads tea house. The house will be used only for private purposes but also as a place for public tearoom at appropriate social events.

Tea houses are not only a place to relax and enjoy tea. It is essentially a temple for all fans of this ancient culture of tea. Each tea house is a big challenge for contemporary architects. To design a harmonious place in the middle of these hurried times is increasingly difficult. For any questions write to the coordinator of this project Frantisek Bilek (

Hola Catalina!
The aim of this new project is to send a letter to Argentina, where our member Eva Hovorkova has some distant relatives, but never seen them. She would like to establish a communication with them. Her grandmother  has an address to her distant cousin Catalina, who lives there. It is Catalina to whom Eva decided to write a letter, and by a very interesting way.

There is a claim, that a letter can get to any part of the world by passing just 7 hands. We would like to test it! We will write the letter and pass it to someone who will move as close possible to Argentina. He or she must pass it on to someone another who will travel in that direction ... and so on ... With Facebook and all other social networks we have a situation a lot easier compared to our ancestors, but we are still curious whether and how our letter will gets to Catalina. For more information about project write to Eva Hovorkova (

Die MHD Projekt
Using the nonlinear behavior of a special type of fluid (dilatant non-Newton fluid),we are going to create a functional 3D color visualization of music - "Muzik Hoch Drei". This type of fluid acts by increasing its viscosity (a kind of internal friction between layers) nonlinearly and as a result this fluid it's not a subject to Newton's law of viscosity. The normal fluid behaves in a way that is still liquid, indiferent from the speed of the flow, but this special one became denser as flow is going faster. Figuratively speaking, the fluid will behave as if it was alive! The output will be a short film full of visual and musical effects. Let's enjoy the music, not only acoustically, but also materially and full of all this amazing colors! For more information about the project please contact Karel Stejskal.

Projekt Thorondor
The project aims to establish Czech record in altitude range of a kite. "Guinness Book of Records" contains the world record of Richard Synergy, whose kite reached a height of about 4422 meters above the launch spot. Flight took place on 12th August 2000 near Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. In this category, there is no Czech record registered yet.

During this project we will build a kite - Thorondor, which will be the first Czech high-range kite (Czech High Altitude Kite). The aim of the flight will be to reach a maximum height and set it as a Czech record. Thorondor will be also equiped with a mini-camera and a data logger for tracking the altitude, temperature, speed and position. If you want to know more information, or you would like to contribute to the project, please contact  Tomas Cernohous.