All new applicants for membership are very welcome to join the group No:mad. To become a member you must fill in the Membership application form, send it with your scanned signature to an email of the group and pay an entrance fee of 10 USD. After that every new member receive a membership number and card. Members of No:mad group pay an annual membership fee of 20 USD that are used to finance the projects of the group.

Candidates for membership may become active or passive members. Active members are obligated according to their schedule and ability to contribute to the preparation of the projects of No:mad. Passive members are freed from this obligation, however, they are limited in passive and active electoral right in the issues concerning the group. Closer to the two types of membership, see article 3, paragraph 4 of the Statutes.

By signing and submitting your application, you agree to the Statuses of No:mad.