About us

No:mad Group was founded in 2011 and it associates people interested in a wide range of fields from science and technology, cosmonautics, to astronomy, nature and space itself. Its key aim is through the preparation of projects and experiments in above-mentioned areas to break down the boundaries of conventional thinking, develop their own and others’ imagination and discover new horizons of knowledge and knowing.

The name of the group combines the word "nomad", which refers to traveling, unboundedness and defiance against staid life, passivity and triviality, and combination of English words "no mad", meaning not crazy. Exactly such will be our projects - original, unusual and perhaps eccentric, even though some will perceived it as crazy, you can be sure that we definitely not. Just as a nomad disturbs the silence in the paths of the world, we will tease the silence on the paths of your imagination.

To become a member of our group, whether passive or active, see the section Membership, if you're interested in our activities, go to the Projects and if you want to support us, please don´t hesitate.